Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Richard Stark, The Green Eagle Score (1967)

Following The Rare Coin Score, The Green Eagle Score is another no-frills Parker heist novel. There are minor variations to the formula—this time, for example, we aren’t told the plan for the robbery until we see it enacted—but nothing remarkable that Stark hasn’t shown us before. In terms of the larger series, The Green Eagle Score is perhaps most notable for the further development of Paker’s character via his relationship with Claire, whom he met in The Rare Coin Score.
Grade: B-


  1. My favorite Parker novel is SLAYGROUND. I once had fantasies that Hollywood would get Bruce Willis to star as Parker in the film version of SLAYGROUND after the success of DIE HARD.

  2. And we got Peter Coyote instead, George. Not a bad choice at all.

  3. I liked The Green Eagle Score quite a bit, if I recall correctly (it's been a while). It was one of the first Parker novel's I read. Another notable difference here is Parker helps out an amateur, who turns pro (and I think turns up in a later novel). Hitting an Air Force base is fun, too (and Westlake was in the USAF, I think).
    And greetings to Lexington, VA...