Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 Quick Questions with Allan Guthrie

The noir novels of Allan Guthrie include Two-Way Split (2004), Kiss Her Goodbye (2005), Hard Man (2007), Kill Clock (2007), Savage Night (2008), Slammer (2009), and Killing Mum (2009).

1. What’s the first crime novel that you remember reading?

A Pocket Full of Rye, Agatha Christie. My primary five teacher introduced me to Christie and I read one or two before Rye but can't recall what they were.

2. Who’s your favorite Gold Medal novelist?

Ah, easy, there’s no competition: David Goodis. Gold Medal’s a really inappropriate name for his publisher, though. No Goodis character ever came close to the gold, not unless they rolled onto it by accident while they were lying semi-conscious in the gutter.

3. Block or Westlake?

Now that’s a tough one. I don’t think I can choose. I love the Scudder series, love the Parker series, and when I weigh up my favourite standalones from them both, they come out exactly even. So, sorry, it's a draw.

4. Your list of your top 200 noir novels ends in 1997. Name one great noir novel published since then.

Just one? There are so many. OK, the one I read most recently would be Acts of Violence by Ryan David Jahn.

5. What’s the best novel by Allan Guthrie?

I don’t know that it’s the best, but my prison novel, Slammer, is the one I’m most proud of.


  1. I'm also a Scudder lover and am right now reading my first Parker book (courtesy of the always kind Naomi Johnson) - she was right in suggesting I'd love it.
    Best Guthrie? He should know, but I'd like to throw out a line for Hard Man and for Two Way Split; much as I love them all, these are the 3 from which I seem to pick when asked.
    If you're looking at this post and haven't read Mr Guthrie yet, go buy a coulple of his books - don't enjoy them and I'll refund the money (you know who I am and where you can find me).