Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review: Osamu Tezuka, MW (1976-1978)

A young boy, Michio Yuki, is accidentally poisoned by MW, a top-secret hyper-powerful chemical weapon, which turns him into a sociopath. As an adult, his lifes ambition becomes to find a hidden stockpile of MW, which he hopes to use to kill pretty much everybody. Michio is a remarkably uninteresting sociopath because of his origins: His soul has literally been poisoned, and thats that. Nothing else to talk about here. More absurd than uninteresting is his foil, Father Garai, a pedophile turned priest who seduced the young Michio. Priests must do what priests must do, but Father Garais insistance that he must try to save the soul of a hardworking serial killer rather than turn him over to the police does not play well. Grade: C


  1. The Osamu Tezuka!? The man behind Astro Boy and the amazing Phoenix series? Interesting that he went in this direction.