Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Review: James McKimmey, Squeeze Play (1962)

James McKimmey's Squeeze Play begins as a noir amnésique: Our everyman hero, Jack Wade, awakens in a motel room, unsure where he is, unable to remember the night before. Then, as he is driving home, Jack hears a news report: He is wanted for the murder of his alcoholic wife Bennie and a gambler named Charlie Wing. Could Jack have done it? He has to admit to himself that it is possible. . . . The novel's second chapter rewinds the plot eight days and begins tracking the events that led to the murders. Readers learn the truth before Jack does and then follow Jack as he tries prove his innocence before the cops catch him. In all, fairly standard stuff well done. Not as memorable as McKimmey's The Long Ride, but worth seeking out. Grade: B+

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