Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book Review: Wade Miller, Sinner Take All (1960)

Jack Cox, an American expatriate living in Tijuana, is a man without a country, but if he will murder political militant Bruno Lazar, he will be given a fresh start: $50,000 and citizenship in a new country. Wade Miller keeps Cox's past misdeeds vague enough so that he can emerge as a sort of Everyman as hired assassin. What we see of Jack we like, and we root for him to succeed--though it is unclear whether that means killing his target or walking away without even making the attempt. There are, of course, a pair of women in the mix, the most important being Dorlisa Weber, who is working to protect Lazar while Cox is working to romance her and gain her confidence so that he may defeat her. Well worth seeking out. Grade: B+


  1. I like Miller's books, and on top of that this one has a great cover. A must!

  2. The kind of plot that made for all the best episodes of DANGER MAN/SECRET AGENT, certainly. It's past time I tried "Wade Miller," too.